OBar 11 Enterprises Door to Door-Ft. Bragg Ca.


Give us a call 707-321-6655

Obar11 Door to Door Instead of a metered fare, we agree on the rate at time of pick up. Call Rex to drive you and yours to and from your favorite B&B,Hotel or Motel. To or from Airports far and wide. Door to Door. Out to Dinner or Drinks (do not drink and drive). Wine Tasting ( Call for special wine tasting offers). Charters BIG and small.Shopping. To the Theater. To and from all Special Events. And To you favorite Doctor or Dentist. I serv e Fort Bragg and the beautiful Mendocino Coast and beyond.

We are a one stop charter service. WHAT ever you want to do, just check out our rates by giving us a call!

DO NOT be afraid to ask questions because I WILL have the answer! ( At least that is what my wife says)


Persons under the age of 21 are not allowed to drink alcohol, possess alcohol or be intoxicated at the time of pick-up or during the charter.

Services will end immediately forfeiting the balance on contract for the charter.


Charter service reservations require a deposit ( Rex will determine deposit amount) with the balance to be paid upon pickup on the day of service.

Cancellations received less than ten (10) days of scheduled charter date result in forfeiture of the full deposit.

Failure to pay will terminate charter.

Obar11 Enterprises is not responsible for articles left in the vehicle. If the chartering group abuses my maroon van so that it requires repair or extensive cleaning, they will be assessed an additional charge.